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Focus on Digital Illustrator Glenn Robinson

Glenn Robinson, who works as Creative Director for Intrinsic Nature, is an entirely self-taught illustrator living in Sacremento, CA, USA. His illustrative style ranges from abstract to that flashy Photoshop style you can imitate yourself and just plain have fun with.

Focus on Shane Devries

We’ve all played cards at some point, but seldom seem to give a second look at the variation and art we handle so commonly. Pixellica takes a look at several iterations of card design and art, epitomized by the most common card of them all.

Focus on Artist Marcin Jakubowski

Polish digital artist Marcin Jakubowski got started on a Commodore 64 computer, and his work has taken on new life with the advancement of digital art techniques. Jakubowski focuses on the film and game industry with his work and creates his works in many styles and genres, but says “the most important thing for me is always the mood and atmosphere.” His work has received numerous awards and credits in industry periodicals.

Titanomachy: Fall of the Hyperion

Titanomachy - fall of the Hyperion