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Pixellica publishes some cool stuff, long as it’s about design. We have a growing number of visitors every month, and get a lot of good ideas – we can’t possibly publish them all. If you’ve got a cool idea you’d like to send in, drop me a line.

Want to Get in Touch?

We’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line (it’s just the simplest thing in the world) by email:

info [at] Pixellica.com

Got Ideas?

Pixellica occasionally publishes articles, galleries and how-tos sent in by guest writers. Bear in mind we can’t possibly publish them all, and we get quite a few good ideas, but if you’ve got an original idea and would like to see it up on Pixellica, let us know.

If you’ve just got a link you think we should know about or you want to let us in on something really cool, you can do that too!

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